7" Wide x 9" High Hook & Loop TackleWebs® WHITE

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7” X 9” TackleWebs® Pocket utilizes Special Marine Grade Hook and Loop Tape for easy installation anywhere. Install in hatches, windshields, compartments, anywhere you need to keep items like gear or tackle handy and secure.

Color: WHITE

Great for Keys and Wallets
Great for keeping trolling motor or power pole controls
Easy Install
Perfect for Windshields
Perfect for Console Doors

Includes: Adhesive for installation.

For best results follow these tips for installing your hook & loop Tacklewebs!

Installing Hook & Loop TackleWebs:

  1. Make sure your surface is flat, not humid, and a cool temperature.
  2. Clean area with rubbing alcohol to remove ANY residue.
  3. Peel tape and apply to flat, dry, cool surface.
  4. Use a medal spoon and firmly press along taped side to press down.
  5. Let set for 24 hours.