CoolerWebs® Large 20" Wide by 9" High

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20” X 9” CoolerWebs® Pocket utilizes Special Marine Grade Hook and Loop Tape for easy installation inside Cooler Lids and on sides of Coolers. Keep food items cold but not soggy Utilizing the top pocket of cold air above the ice. Install on the outside of Coolers for added secure and handy storage of needed items.

CoolerWebs™ has  quickly become the #1 accessory for coolers. CoolerWebs™ utilizes a specially formulated adhesive and design that allows for installation and long term use inside and outside of coolers. This allows for use on the underside of cooler lids allowing for food items to be kept cool without having to sit on/in the ice, keeping cooler items from getting soggy or waterlogged. CoolerWebs™ can be installed along the outside, back or front of coolers to help hold items such as plates, napkins, cutting boards and other essentials.  


The slogan says it all: CoolerWebs™ “Don’t Get Soggy”


Color: Black

• Great for keeping items cool without getting soggy
• Great for keeping essentials like plates, utensils, tools and more handy
• Great for cutting boards
• Great for snacks
• Fits medium to large cooler sizes (40 QT & UP)