TackleWebs® Cup Holder White

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TackleWebs® Special Formula Adhesive Hook & Loop Tape Cup Holder.

Do away with those old plastic folding cup holders that retain water, sun-rot and crack once you run your leg into them.

TackleWebs® Cup holders are made with the same rugged durability and quality material TackleWebs® has come to be known for and provides the perfect spot to hold your cans with coozies and even over sized 30oz. Rambler. 

Includes: Adhesive for installation

For best results follow these tips for installing your hook & loop Tacklewebs!

Installing Hook & Loop TackleWebs:

  1. Make sure your surface is flat, not humid, and a cool temperature.
  2. Clean area with rubbing alcohol to remove ANY residue.
  3. Peel tape and apply to flat, dry, cool surface.
  4. Use a metal spoon and firmly press along taped side to press down.
  5. Let set for 24 hours.