TackleWebs & IGFA Proper Support Weigh Bag

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Introducing the TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag – the ultimate solution for anglers seeking a gentle and fish-friendly method for weighing and releasing their prized catches.

Crafted with the well-being of aquatic life in mind, our weigh bag offers a soft and water-filled environment when a fish is placed inside of it, providing optimal support and reducing stress for the fish. Unlike traditional weighing methods that can cause undue harm, our weigh bag ensures a safer and more humane approach to handling.

Say goodbye to the risks associated with using scales and grippers that may inadvertently cause injury or distress to the fish. With the TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag, you can weigh your catch accurately and conveniently without compromising the welfare of the fish.

Experience peace of mind knowing that you're employing a method that prioritizes the health and safety of marine life. Elevate your fishing experience with the TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag – the preferred choice for responsible anglers everywhere.

Each Bag Sold Supports IGFA Conservation Programs.

Dimensions: 28 inches long x 12 inches high